About Us

Industrial Mining Associates is a leader in the Industrial/Mining Trading sector of Bihar & Jharkhand. The company has served this role since 2002 under Partner Aswini Jana, Malay Ganguly, Shubhakar Jha From a small beginning, the company has now grown into 30 person company prevalent all over Bihar & Jharkhand.

We deal in World class compressors, vacuum solutions and air treatment systems, construction, portable energy and mining equipment for the oil & gas industry.

The companies we deal in are as follows:

  1. Atlas Copco
  2. CT Division
  3. CR Division
  4. MR Division

We have amongst our Customer’s Large, Medium, Small-scale companies along with public sector enterprises and multi-national companies working in the heavy earth moving sector.

Industrial Mining Associates is committed to maintain highest quality in standards and offer unbeatable prices. We boast a very high level of quality in after sales service through our engineers & branches.